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Over 100 users of pulsed power systems have put their trust in ScandiNova


Since 2001, ScandiNova has sold more than 500 units to around 100 customers all over the world. Together, our installed systems have delivered over 800.000 operating hours. All with Solid State technology. Below are som selected research institutes and industry customers.  

Case Studies

Case Study Max IV Laboratory - ScandiNova enables the brightest X-ray source in the world


"We wanted to have an RF unit with one single company delivering and taking full responsibility"
Mikael Eriksson, Machine Director, MaxIV

Read about ScandiNova and MaxIV


“The performance of the ScandiNova solid-state modulators comply with the high-power demands of the particle physics user community and provide excellent pulse to pulse stability, flatness and repeatability. Their high precision and reliability ensure the stable RF power essential for accelerating particles. What’s more, ScandiNova is very proactive. They listen to our needs and help improve the results of our research programs.”
Gerard McMonagle, Engineer, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Installed base - examples

Our technology is well proven in a wide range of Klystron and Magnetron systems with different loads. Below are some examples. Please, contact Mikael Lindholm, Senior vice president,, to apply for additional installations. 

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