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March 29, 2017

Press Release: Heat and Control Inc., and ScandiNova Systems AB, announce strategic partnership to deliver next generation of Pulse Electric Field (PEF) technology to the food industry.

Strategic partnership formed to supply PEF solution for the food industry. Offers a break-through electroporation system that addresses food production challenges.

Heat and Control Inc., a world leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing and packing systems and ScandiNova AB, a leading global supplier of pulsed power systems, announce a strategic partnership. The partnership will combine Heat and Control’s market leading expertise in design of food production equipment systems and automation with ScandiNova’s break-through technology and industry leading Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) solution.  Together Heat and Control and ScandiNova are co-innovating with an electroporation solution for the food industry that will bring a new approach to product quality, line efficiency and energy savings.

Initially targeting the consumer potato products sector, namely savoury snack food, French fries and potato products, Heat and Control releases the patented E-FLO™ electroporation system that, integral to its design, features the ScandiNova PEF solution. This system has been designed to address the challenges food manufacturers face such as energy consumption, product quality or minimizing the formation of unfavourable product attributes such as acrylamide.

Tony Caridis, President of Heat and Control Inc, comments “We are pleased to form this partnership with ScandiNova and leverage their knowledge of PEF technology to help our customers meet their production goals.  We view their PEF solution to be by far the most advanced technology available and as we enter a new era of food production innovation we look forward to developing new ways to improve overall product quality and line efficiency.”

Fredrik Mella, President of ScandiNova AB, comments “PEF is a strategic growth area for ScandiNova and Heat and Control will be the perfect partner with its strong global market presence, game changing mind set and leading technology. We look forward to support the sales of the E-FLO system and together lead the transition from traditional thermal processing to PEF processing in the food industry.”

The E-FLO electroporation system, featuring ScandiNova’s PEF technology, joins Heat and Control’s comprehensive catalogue of potato and snack processing equipment and offers many benefits including elimination or reduction of the blanching process, reduction of sugar and asparagine levels, minimization of acrylamide formation, reduction of fat content and textural improvements.

Snaxpo 2017 April 1-4 | Savannah, GA booth #419 – Visit the Heat and Control booth to find out more about E-FLO and meet ScandiNova.
ScandiNova and PEF solutions

About Heat and Control

Heat and Control is a global engineering and manufacturing company that serves food and non-food industries. Establish in 1950, the company developed continuous food processing technologies that introduced continuous processing and automation to a burgeoning industry. Today the company has a global customer base and long standing relationships that consist of large scale consumer and end-product manufacturers. The company has 12 global manufacturing sites, a global network of sales representatives and a service team that can reach any part of the world. Heat and Control solutions focus on exacting quality, yield, efficiency and safety design principles and has been responsible for setting high standards within the industry. Heat and Control has leadership status as a supplier to the global snack, potato products and process prepared industries.

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Contact: Erik Sundström, Head of Communications
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